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As one of the highest-quality and most precious wool fibers, cashmere is known for its extraordinarily soft feeling and pure beauty. In order to meet the highest standards for our luxurious products, we source our cashmere from internationally renowned traditional companies in Scotland and Italy. They belong to the trade association of certified cashmere suppliers, which focuses on the careful selection of the best fibers and guarantees excellent inspection standards for all production processes.


Care – To preserve the distinctive plush feel of the cashmere, please note the following care instructions:
Wash the particularly soft and fine fibers by hand in cold water with liquid wool detergent or with cold water in the wool cycle of your washing machine. Cashmere may be tumbled in the dryer for a maximum of ten minutes so that the yarn can straighten perfectly. The item should then dry flat. Chemical cleaning may result in a loss of the cashmere’s plushness and shine. Iron any appliqués from the left. In general, cashmere should only be ironed at a very low temperature, if required at all.