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Payment methods

Pay safely with PayPal. This is the quickest and safest payment method. We will ship the order immediately after receiving the payment from PayPal.
PayPal also offers the following payment methods (no registration required):

American Express
Direct debit

You transfer the due amount to the bank account specified in the order confirmation. We will ship your order once the payment has been credited to our account.

Do I need to have a PayPal account or register for one?
Having a PayPal account or registering for one is not necessary for effecting payment. You can leave the fields blank during the payment process.

When will the purchase price be refunded?
Please be advised that it can take up to 5 business days between receipt of your return shipment and refund of the purchase price.
After receipt of the return shipment, we will notify you in an e-mail of the amount to be refunded.

The refund will be effected in the same currency and payment method as the purchase. Possible loss from fluctuations in the exchange rates shall not be reimbursed.